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CMZ-Consulting provides industry with flexible and cost effective Faraday cages, EMC test chambers, clean rooms, protections and shelters that can be deployed anywhere at anytime in few minutes (less than 10 minutes for the smallest).

These solutions are ideal to:

  • Set-up your own testing facilities anywhere according to your needs and schedule;
  • Have your own facility on premises or on any given site (local or remote);
  • To protect critical applications (EMC testing, communications) & materials (spacecrafts, aircrafts, helicopters, equipment…) and personnel.

No need to invest in Real Estate to build your own facilities!

Mobile & flexible solutions are Off the Shelf or tailored to your specific needs.

Our solutions can be deployed and installed anywhere, anytime in less than few minutes.
There is no need to plan your test campaigns months ahead.
It sits on your site, either installed inside or outside or stored, ready to use.

You can reduce your Real Estate CAPEX investment by a factor of 10:

  • No need to expand your existing facilities. Our solution can be installed in any room or hangar;
  • Can also be installed outdoor (on a parking);
  • Savings are enormous – time, costs & go to market;
  • Tens/Hundreds euros compared to 4 000 – 5 000€/m2 for a real estate in “concrete & steel”.