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/Space industry sector

Space industry sector

The Russian Space industry has been strongly reshaped and public consortium are now owned by the Russian Space Corporation (Roscosmos). The sector is now moving at a higher pace with the involvement of the private sectors. Russian space sector employs more than 70,000 persons and the 10 years Federal Space Budget is reaching around 27 BUS$ not accounting for the Russian MoD budget. Globally the Russian Space companies, including private sector, invest heavily in Space infrastructure to strengthen their relative position introducing new prime contractors and integrators.There are more than 150 spacecraft launch foreseen up to 2025 including 10 Telecommunication satellites and more than 20 Earth Observation satellites. Major projects ongoing are focusing on Earth observation and Navigation. There is still a strong need for satellite services on the Northern regions

The import substitution policy is strongly impacting the Russian Market and institutional market is more and more reserved to local products. However the space sector still represent huge opportunities for foreign companies in terms of sales of space and ground equipment. to develop a strong position on the Russian foreign companies shall either rely on quality and reliability of their products, specific competencies, and when more and ore often on local partnerships ensuing market access or local productions. The major European space actors in Russia have both created joint ventures with their local partners. Other opportunities can be found in development and procurement of specific technologies which are not available in Europe or for which Russia can, thanks to its lower labour hourly rate and highly qualified engineers, offer competitiveness.

CMZ-Consulting is providing tailored solutions to your needs. Based on its deep experience of the RussianSpace industrial network and proximity to the main actor, CMZ-Consulting can develop your marketing activities in Russia and establish the necessary contacts at all levels required, market your products and secure your sales. Western companies having local activities require to adapt to the local culture and rules while applying their management and quality standards. Our engineers can ensure these tasks and provide a flexible and efficient interface with your Russian suppliers, or partners. Thanks to its strong knowledge of the Russian industrial network, we can identify sources for technology or products you could be willing to procure in Russia.

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