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CMZ-Consulting Russia:

  • Ensured customer representative tasks at a Russian manufacturer
  • Procurement of space equipment in Russia and CIS for a European Satellite manufacturer
    • Customer design reviews
    • Quality control on site
    • Program scheduling and reporting
  • Overview study of the Russian space sector,
  • Targeted marketing study of the civil aircraft market and opportunities in Russia
  • Targeted marketing study of the civil helicopter market and opportunities in Russia
  • Study of the Russian Oil and Gas sector opportunities.

CMZ-Consulting in France has a long term experience with long others:

  • Successful production transfer of a maritime vehicle battery section including:
    • Follow-up of the definition of the manufacturing files
    • Qualification of each step of the manufacturing processes
    • Reviews of qualification and production readiness
    • First items inspection, audits during serial production
    • Follow-up of the acceptance tests of the produced equipment
  • Elaboration of project’s management documentation (Management Plan, Product Assurance Plan, Risk Management Plan, Configuration Status Accounting Report)
  • Project scheduling with progress reporting to customers
  • Quality control and participation to anomaly processing
  • Elaboration of technical documentation: conformity matrix to customer’s requirements, qualification reports, installation and user manuals, anomalies investigation reports